Mil-Spouse Coffee Connection

The USO Coffee Connection program is designed to support and connect military spouses to one anoter as they navigate the military lifestyle.  Due to the variance across military communities, no two Coffee Connections are the same.  

Coffee Connections are open to spouses of actively military… the newbies and the well-seasoned.  Some Coffee Connection events consist of guest speakers or a cordinated activity.  Regardless of the agenda, spouses can share known resources and personal experiences, find a sense of purpose, serve as a mentor, make new friends, find an accountability partner, and make an impact on others, all in a place that feels like, ‘home’.

Due to the uniqueness of the Coffee Connection platform, participation varies from month to month but there is momentum behind the movement.  The more the merrier!

Through the USO’s various partnerships, participants often leave the event with a gift.  Some recent supporters of the USO Coffee Connections include Maxwell House Coffee, Thirty-One, and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

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